Wednesday 16 May 2018

The Bashir of Tangier`s artillery

I have a plan to run a game based on the Marine landing at Tangier 1904 - dipicted in the film Wind and the Lion  😃 

I have decided that to make the game interesting the landing itself should be opposed and wanted some ordinance and crews to do so -
All crew are conversted plastics see end photo
Gatling Gun & crew
Artillery crew
SHQ `75 for scale

The whole battery

Juramentado (man aworn to die in battle)

My conversions L-R 
HAT WW1 French artilleryman, HAT German WW2 AT gunner, HAT British Zulu War Gatling crew, BUM Spanish Foreign Legionnaire all with heads from Earl War Miniatures


  1. Great conversions. Not a film I've seen if I'm being honest.



  2. Based (very loosely) on a real incident where Greek businessman ion Perdicaris was kidnapped for ransom by the famous Berber brigand El Rasulli, Teddy Roosevelt sent in the marines to put pressure on the local authorities to get him released - all ended well :) The film takes huge liberties and turns Pedicaris into a beautiful and charming woman (Candice Bergen) Raisulli is played by that legendary Scotish brigand - Sean Connery ;)