Friday 18 October 2019

Wargames room in Spain update

Extra storage

Storage has always been the bane of my wargames life, I`ve never had the room.
Now with the dedicated underbuild room in Spain I can finally spread out and store everything properly.
Last time we were there in August I spotted and grabbed three kitchen wall cabinets someone had dumped by the communal bins - waste not, want not :)

Cabinet 1

 Cabinet 2 &3 (with new shelves fitted)

 Cheap plastic stacking drawer brought from Wales
 Buildings in their new plastic box
 I took time to re-arrange all my railway bits into one drawer of the tailor's display cabinet
 A couple of shots of the room as it looks now

Some photos of the toys
DAK/10th Panzer plus odd beute stuff and some Italian armour on the far right
 NWE Germans
 US armd infantry, engineers, recce and general transport
 US armour, Tunisian stuff and from the blue van in the center all my varied French kit from 1917 to 1943
 British desert stuff on the left, Free French on the right


  1. That that you are getting things sorted out like that. Rather envious of all your storage.



  2. Thanks Pete, the nicer pieces have come from a charity which helps drug/alcohol issues - to be honest a lot of our furniture has come from them, as our own is still at home in Wales at the mo :)
    Debbie is being a real star looking for stuff and putting up with my toys :)

  3. Easier to sort as you move in. Alas, that was not an option for me last time. And I am paying for it now

  4. It was the same for me when we moved from our terrace house in Rhondda down to Swansea, heck I was still finding bits I`d lost after 15yrs here :)

  5. Richard, good to see what you have assembled and your space and ingenuity in how you store them. Recently retired and about to move, but sadly much will be in boxes they move in, till we can sort out space for a games room. I got spoilt on our last move ten years ago when I had run of an attic space that was insulated, airey and lots of daylight. Your Mexican "Cantina" in Alicante sounds fun. If I ever get that far on hols I will pay it a visit. Carl (sotcw CarlL)

  6. Thanks, the credit really goes to Deb, who insisted among the "must have" in the house - a games room for Richard, I`ve actually got more than i ever expected as far as space is concerned :) Deb accepts my hobby as an important part of what keeps me sane :)