Tuesday 10 December 2013

Yearly totals!!!!!!!!

This year has been very poor for actual gaming, not one single game all year. But I have had a very good building/painting year - all 20mm for my Tunisian project -

128 x various German infantry & gun crew & pioneers
11 x Italian infantry
68 x various French [infantry, Goumiers, motorcycle troops, gunners; plus 2 horses and 2 mules]
54 x various British infantry
2 x emplaced guns (Pak36r & 25lbr)
12 x various trucks
37mm AA + ammo trailer
2 x Pak38
Marder III (pak40) & 3 crew
4 x M/C, 10 x M/C combinations (10 Italian & 4 German crew)
2 tents & 3 camp fires
Krump towing a Pak38 + 5 crew
Krump towing a 20mm flak + 5 crew
Kubelwagon & 4 crew
Horch & 6 crew
Horch mit 20mm flak & trailer + 4 crew
Tiger I (2 commanders)
Pz IIIN (commander)
S-35 (commander)
Humber Mk2 (commander)
25mm Hotchkiss
Citroen P15 + 3 crew
2 x 37mm AC de Marine
Jeep (driver)
2 x US halftracks (10 crew)
Beute M3 mit 20mm flak & trailer (5 crew)
3 x Sdkfz 251 + 15 crew
Sdkfz 251/2 mit 28mm rockets (3 crew)
Sdkfz 250/3 (commander)
2 x Sdkfz 250
2 x Valentine III (2 commanders)
Marder III (Pak36r) + 3 crew
Sdkfz 252 + trailer
Sdkfz 10/4 & trailer + 4 crew
Sdkfz 11
Sdkfz 7
Panzer IIIH command tank (commander)
Panzer IIIL
Panzer II
Sdkfz 223 (commander)
Kfz15 + trailer & 4 crew
Sdkfz 251/7


  1. Well done Richard. I shall be raiding your blog for inspiration as I kick off my 28mm Tunisia project next year!

  2. A Good Year - Hopefully you'll get out more in 2014

  3. Impressive painting effort. I wish I could have painted as much.

  4. Cheers guys, I have pile of stuff left to do, but this will have to wait until the new year, Christmas is too important as a family (the only time during the whole year when the hotel is closed) in our busy lives to waste on hobby stuff. Roll on December 23rd and we close - December 24th will be my first day-off since January 10th when we got home from Cancun - been a long year :-)

  5. Great painting effort.

    We are totally different - I have had nearly 90 games so far but have managed virtually no painting

    Each to their own

  6. David
    Time is a killer, my eldest is doing his GCSEs next June, so has been very busy; my Mum is VERY old and infirm so that has occupied too much of our limited free time. We work full time, so this means any free time has to be given over to the wife :-) No time for playing with toys.........

    1. You did not even mention editing the Journal - you obviously have an awful lot on your plate.

      Everyone benefits from a little bit of me time though and needs to switch off occasionally. I guess the painting and modeling helps you do that, but even a couple of games a year would also help I am sure.

      You could set up a sideline of wargames holidays perhaps, then a game or two would also be justifiable as work!