Tuesday 10 December 2013

Pioneer platoons

Last bits for 2013.

Pioneer Platoon, support Kompanie, Kradschutzen 10

Ready to Roll Horch Kfz15 w/ Raventhorpe (white metal kit) general service trailer
All the crew except the driver are Combat Miniatures, lots of mixed stowage

10 - man platoon, a mix of Britannia, Kelly`s Heroes and Raventhorpe

2nd Platoon, 3. Kompanie, Panzer-Pioneer-49

 Another old Fujimi Sdkfz 251B converted into a 251/7 using Esci parts, lots of mixed stowage

10-man platoon, a mix of Britannia, Kelly`s Heroes (with head-swops) and Raventhorpe


  1. Very good - I do like your Kfz15 combo.

  2. Thank you :-)

    I`ve done several of these towed trailer/gun models for this project - I quite like them in an arty way. :-)