Monday, 21 January 2013

69th PG in Tunisia

Troops from 69 PG advancing towards Thala, Tunisia, 21 Feb 1943.

Based on this pic from Claude Gillono's "Panzers of kasserine"
Heres my version - I`ve even matched the decals, painting some by hand, Division markings from Taylor over on The Guild forum
The Sdkfz251 is an ancient Fujimi model, which has had a major re-furbishment, stowed up and re-painted, crewed with various AB, Airfix and Revell figures (all with minor modifications)
The M3 was a £0.99 di-cast toy from Bluebox? Bought at Toy`r us years ago. Heavily modified with new wheels, added wooden roof, armoured windshield covers, rear seats and stowage. Again crewed with a mixture of AB, Airfix and Revell figures (again some alterations).

Close-ups of the tracks -

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