Sunday 12 May 2013

28mm Rif War

Can`t really paint 28mm, don`t have the eye or the talent, but I have a small skirmish set-up.
French Foreign Legion NCO (conversion using two different Askari figures)
More Askari FFL
Riffi (the first two L-R are Askari, the last Rif Raf)
Arabs (honestly I have no idea who made these :rolleyes:)


  1. Cheers John

    I find them very difficult, you can`t hide your brush errors as well as you can in smaller scales.....

    I have about 20 off 1920s Spanish Foreign Legionnaires on the table at present, not enjoying the process, but I have to finish them before I move on to the next stuff (I suffer from a hobby OCD related thing, can`t leave projects half-done and start something else).