Thursday 23 May 2013

Therapeutic modelling Pt2

Additions to my 69th Panzergrenadier battlegroup for Tunisia.

I`ve spent several weeks working on these, based loosly on several different photos - lots of extra work on the trucks (tilts, windshield glass, various stowage, replacing the silly moulded tools with white metal ones, etc), the crews are from all over the place - AB, SHQ, Britannia, Kelly's Heroes and MMS with minor modifications and head-swops - overall; very pleased with the results.

Pak38 with crew (PSC gun, mixed crew)
Krupp Protze towing Pak38 (Revell Protze, PSC Pak38, loads of stowage, mixed crew)
Krupp Protze towing 20mm flak - Revell Protze, 20mm (mostly Zvezda parts), scratch built trailer, loads of stowage & mixed crew

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