Tuesday 4 March 2014

Moroccans of 7RTM

Clearing the decks of the odds`n sods I bought at Crusade.

A few pieces to add to my 7RTM forces -
Early War Miniatures (formally british Indian Cavalry)
Slighly altered and painted up as Moroccan Traillieur, M1922 LMG team with a couple or riflemen 

Moving team (mounted) the LMG packed on the horse is a terrific model 

The whole team with an additional rider (a converted Retrokit resin figure)

Additional mule-team (packed 80mm Brandt mortar by Combat Miniatures)

Closer look at the packed mortar


  1. Good figures,interesting ideas, I may try these myself..

  2. As soon as i saw these I thought of the possibilities as Moroccans, they have been advertising a screw-gun and mules set on their facebook page. So i think 7RTM may get a Regimental Gun section soon :-)

  3. Great idea! Looking at doing these myself. When you say "slightly altered" what did you change?
    Cheers, Richard P

    1. These are easy to alter to look less Indian, they had a badge/crest on the turban which had to be shaved off. The uniform is a bit British, so I tinkered with greenstuff (nothing special) a French paint-job and at 4ft across a table they blend in with my other Moroccans (EWM, FAA, Shellhole Scenics, Blitz, Irregular & Bandera)