Tuesday 14 October 2014

Pershing's Yanks

 Pershing's Expedition into Mexico 1916/17
My idea to create a several faction style war in Mexico keeps building, I`ve already got some Yanks, but decided a few more couldn`t hurt!
IT Miniatures (available through Tim Wade & Frontline Wargaming)
Nice figures, but limited poses (though the officer is splendid IMHO) 
I painted roughly two platoons (18 figs + 2 officers and an odd gunner)
 The gunner is an Early War Miniatures vehicle crewman with head-swap
 I wanted some vehicle crew with Montana cap, so beheaded some of the IT figures, I then used the vehicle crews heads and swapped bodies - this created a extra squad of Mexicans 
 Pershing's Expedition was the first time in US military history they used motorised transport in a campaign, I had to add some.
EWM Model T patrol car (crew head-swapped)
 Irregular Miniatures WW1 truck (again head-swapped driver)


  1. Nice new US Figures RICHARD - well done! Are they 20mm or 25mm?

  2. Hi Kev

    Like almost everything I do these are all 20mm