Friday 19 September 2014

Mexican Soldaderas

As soon as I saw the basic sketches for Minairons proposed release of SCW militiawomen I already had a plan to possibly convert some (or all) the pack for use as Mexican Soldaderas. The part played by women during Mexico's various wars of liberation and revolution was huge and is vastly under-rated by most historians (and wargamers). The women followed their men into battle acting as both commissary and  medical services, neither of which were organised on more than a very basic level even within the Mexican Federal Army, let alone the rebel/bandit groups.

First thing I needed was to pinch any suitable heads (these two are the Chauchat loaders) now with their new heads

I then set about swapping heads to create a batch with the right look (original on the left)

Original on the left

Original on the left

Original on the left

Now SMGs were unknown in Mexico (pretty rare in Spain too), so i modified this figure, snipping away the SMG and adding the rifle.

So I`ve ended up with 10 figures -


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