Tuesday, 8 November 2016

More terrain

More simple, basic terrain

I had a basic plan to build some simple road-side embankments (or river banks), spent a few days playing about.

Simple construction - based on hardboard (or CDs), various bits of polystyrene packaging, cheap plaster filler, cheap acrylic paints from The Works, railway flock - done. I also bought a box of trees from the local model shop and these push straight into the polystyrene (I may glue them in once these get to Spain)

After looking at these pics, I was thinking of by adding foliage and lichen you get quite cheap bocage??

Also built a few hillocks?

More piece awaiting trees


  1. Looks good you can never have too much terrain. Despite what my wife says.

    Been doing a bit of terrain building myself, it's something I can still do with arthritic fingers. ;-)

    Mostly woods, tree lines and verges for 15mm 'Nam games.

    Thinking of some paddie dykes (from Das), streams and fields next.


  2. Terrain has always been one of my major failings, I never had the space for storage and had to put everything away after a game - with my own room in Spain - I can now experiment big time :)