Sunday 20 November 2016

Yet more refurbished buildings

Another couple of days work

This first one is another of my own cobbled together ruins made from various Matchbox diorama bits
During the re-furb I added some internal walls and signs/posters 

This one is another of those plaster diorama pieces which I expanded on using bits from an Esci vac-u-form battleground and cardboard dungeon floorplans.

I added the various clutter, floorboards  and barricades, the sandbagged roof and buttress are resin pieces from Village Green. During the re-furb I re-based and painted the whole thing, added more clutter and finally built the partial tiled rood using bits left over from La Haye Sant 


  1. Always nice to see the matchbox bits being repurposed into full buildings. Great work.



  2. Cheers Pete

    Another old Airfix one on the tray now :)