Wednesday 31 May 2017

Corporal Cotton DCM

Kuneitra, Syria, June 16th 1941 

During the desperate fighting for the town Corporal Cotton once again distinguished himself manning a captured French Hotchkiss until they ran out of ammunition. At which point he picked up a Boys AT rifle and went out alone hunting French tanks, he was later killed whilst performing that task.

I am planing a to run the battle and decided to create this team as a one-off piece.

Figures by SHQ and Combat Miniatures (both modified), the gun is Early War Miniatures


  1. Very nice- you can't beat little detail pieces like this in a game imo. It's what makes the history come alive. Will you do a companion piece with the Anti Tank Rifle?



  2. I already have 2 Boys teams which is (ratio wise) enough for the defenders. But the battalion didn`t have much in the way of support (no mortars, no Vickers and their AT guns had been withdrawn) so giving them this Hotchkiss will at least make them feel better :)

  3. Love the off beat historical material. Miniatures look the part too. Scenario should be interesting read and can Cpl Cotton repeat his DCM.

    michael aka WR

  4. Cotton`s actions during the battle was documented among the various pages of stuff i dug through whilst writing/researching this action. He was already a DCM recipient at the time of this battle, but I was unable to find out anymore info?