Sunday, 10 December 2017

Inventory - Rif War Spanish

Rif War Spanish

La Legion

This unit was mostly painted by Matt Slade
These will of course double for SCW
Mtd officer
47 infantry (6 x officers, 3 standards, 2 buglers, 3 x LMG teams)
3x MMG teams, 80mm mortar team (3-man), 2 supply mules with handlers

Infanteria de Marina
31 sailors (2 officers)
17 ships crew

Spanish 1920s infantry
22 infantry (2 officers, bugler, standard, 2 LMGs)
Hotchkiss team

 65mm mountain gun w/crew
 75mm mountain gun w/crew
Early Spanish with sun helmet
`75 with 6 crew
 Signals unit
37 infantry, 4 mtd officers, 2 mules 

Alcantera cavalry
Officer, 2 buglers, 13 troopers

Spanish/French 1920s medical unit
Supply unit
 Ambulance plus ambulance mules
 Stretcher teams, doctors, nurses and wounded
28 figures


  1. A wonderful collection Richard.



  2. Cheers Pete
    I`ve added more photos to the French Colonials and Berbers/Arabs too, but the posts remain stubbornly back in August (not updated to today?)

  3. Beautiful collection, love the marine infantry and the ambulance teams...

  4. Thanks Phil, maybe the first collection I virtually finished -nothing is ever totally finished is it :)?

  5. Great collection. It must have been a great Joy to build

  6. Thanks João this was the first of my new style "armies", literally hundreds of minor conversions & head-swaps, etc; stealing figures and models from loads of different periods and eras to create a force NOT available anywhere at the time. This army became the baseline for all the modelling and building that has followed.