Saturday, 16 December 2017

The Front Line

The Front Line

As some of you may know i like foreign films and have become quite enamored with Asian cinema.
For my birthday i bought myself a selection of movies one of which was "The Front Line" (2011)
The movie focuses on a CID officer sent to investigate whether there were spies and traitors within "Aligator" company after letters were discovered from North Korean soldiers sent to their families still living in the South via internal South Korean Army mail? Turns out the story is quite different.
As with all Asian cinema the action is quite visceral, the back-and-fore attempts to take and hold a single hill which is situated right on the 38th parallel are frantic, bloody and well filmed. The stress and strain of per-longed combat is well acted too.
Among the characters the film also has the cutest female sniper ever  Ok-bin Kim
The futility and horror of war to much to the fore-front of this movie, not for those who want a happy ending.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up- I'll add it to the list.