Saturday 2 November 2019

Mexican revolution additions

Mexican Revolution Additions

I like to paint things in related batches :)

10 Early War Miniatures Villaistas/irregulars/bandits

Tumbling Dice 2-wheel cart 
The driver was a German from the Airfix Opel Blitz, the wagon cover is from S&S Models (one of their resin Hanomag tarps)
Of course with a different driver, this could serve in any of my early C20th forces, even WW2 Germans or French :)
The horses are seperate; so I can also use the cart as terrain filler if required

Single mounted Federal trooper
Airfix RHA figure with a Tumbling Dice rifle arm on an Airfix horse

2 x Early War Miniatures 1917 era Yanks

37mm (1pdr) Maxim "Pom-Pom" automatic cannon
By Raventhorpe with a scratch crew

37mm (1 pdr) Hotchkiss revolving cannon
The gun started out as a 42mm size/scale Gatling gun from Irregular Miniatures, I mounted it on a 20mm carriage and added the gun shield, the crew are from the Hat Gatling gun set with Raventhorpe heads

A couple more shots of the gun 
which I am well happy with


  1. I just keep what I said on fb! The guns are just great!!

  2. very kind, the ready made 42mm gatling saved a huge amount of work :)

  3. Those are great- nice conversion too.



  4. Cheers pete, I`ve wanted to make a 37mm revolving cannon for ages, using the 42mm size one saved a huge amount of work, matches up pretty well i think :)