Friday, 24 September 2021

Royal Engineers Museum, Chatham, Kent

 Royal Engineers Museum, Chatham, Kent

Now I haven`t visited this museum in nearly 26yrs, I`m not even sure if I was married back then?

The museum is situated a short walk up the hill from both Chatham Maritime and Fort Amherst, so you could if you have a day to kill (and a patient partner) visit all three together 😀

Gate guardian a Chieftain AVRE

The grounds/carpark of the museum has a huge collection of various engineer vehicles

The cost to enter was £12, but this allows you multiple entries over a 12 month period.

The collection starts at the forming of the corps of engineers and progresses through to the present day.


John Chard (or Rork`s Drift fame)

A mini submarine

WW1 trench mortar

Airborne engineer

There were some amazing dioramas and models

Petard mortar


V2 engine


A piece of the Berlin wall


  1. Thanks for link here from Sotcw website, Richard, there are some very interesting images (I dont think we had digital cameras 26 years ago.. but my memory is slipping... so did you use film and get the photos developed then digitalised !!??) of very interesting objects (I didn't expect to see a Harrier jump jet for instance!) and diorama models too.
    My eldest daughter doesn't live too far away so maybe next time we visit... and my eldest grandson may like to see these monster items too, like the Chieftain AVRE!!

    1. These are all new photos taken with my trusty (cheap) Cannon IXUS though I think some of my original visit are also on the blog somewhere where i scanned all my "real" photos onto the computer :) There was a lot to take in and I`m sure I missed photographing some interesting displays - Chinese Gordon (of Khartoum fame), Grubb Pasha (Transjorden Frontier Force) to name two.