Friday, 24 September 2021

Holiday photos

 Some military photos taken during our recent trip back to the UK

Passed this gun battery on the M4, 4 guns with Mercedes tows plus some support vehicles

A beautifully restored Citroen van

Fort Amherst (Chatham, Kent)
As we drove past i noticed they had added new gate guardians and also pulled out and painted several WW2 era guns and put them on display.

3" AA gun

Napoleonic era ships cannon

Looks like a 40mm Bofors to me?
Classic 25pdr
Another better shot of the AA
This Bofors may well be on a ship mount?
Lord Kitchener



  1. Obviously an interesting part of the world around Chatham. My uncle was briefly based in Chatham Royal Marine / Navy married quarters many years ago. But he was mostly abroad on active service in his RM career. I must make effort to visit the triple sites you noted. Covid has put a stop to my roving these last two years. CarlL

    1. The Naval dockyard closed about the time Debbie left school, devastated the job market. All her family live in the Medway towns, so we went there a lot during our courting and early married life - not so much when we ran the hotel full time. Debbie had tax paperwork to do which gave a me a few hours off to wander about :)