Monday 15 October 2012

Italians for Tunisia

This has taken quite a while to "get off the ground", things have been quite stressful with moving my Mum and its put strain on out already busy home/business life. I`ve been loathed to do painting/modelling or even mention wargaming with all the extra stuff going on :(

But I`ve finally started -

Command/Communications section (a mix of Reiver and SHQ, some minor alterations)
75mm Depot gun (Hat Industrie) with a Reiver crew (though these may not stay with this gun)
100 M14 Howitzer (Hat Industrie) with more Reiver gunners
First of the infantry (3 packs from SHQ)


  1. Very nice, gets me in the mood to paint some Italians!

    Keep it up!

  2. I like. you could use the Hat Polish for italians too i guess. the uniform is pretty close.Is that a green-gray uniform color?

  3. Loads more to do, the plan is a motorised infantry company plus support. About 60 figs with a MMG, a 80mm mortar, 20mm Breda AA, 2 x 47mm AT, 2 x M14/40, 2 x Semovente 75/18 plus trucks/cars

    Figures will be a mix of - Dixon, SHQ, Reiver & Kelly's Heroes. Vehicles and tanks from Minimi & Frontline.

    The uniform colour is Vallejo German "field Grey" (830)