Sunday, 13 July 2014

Mexican 18th Infantry Regiment

A month or so ago, Paul Thompson of Early War Miniatures stayed at our guesthouse, he was kind enough to give me some samples of his newest figures - French Poilu c.1914. Now i don`t do much early war, I did consider painting them up as colonial blanc troops for Morocco, but then stumbled across a coloured sketch of Mexicans of the 18th Federal Regiment fighting against Pancho Villa, the uniforms were similar, so I rounded off the kepi and painted them up in suitable colours.   

 I added the mule to moving MG team, I really like it :-)


  1. Nice work, and great looking mule, I like it too!

  2. Cheers Phil
    It occurred to me the three guys carrying the gun had no ammo or tools, etc - the mule therefore was a much needed addition :-)