Friday 15 August 2014

German Panzers

Panzer IVH with schutzen
A bit boring and run-of-the-mill but this was the work-horse of the German Panzer divisions.
The two with bases are resin (some white metal parts) by Ready to Roll, the other (with the commander from SHQ)is a 3D printed model which I got as a review sample from Caliver Books, though I cannot find them on their site when I looked today?
Generic camouflage pattern and numbers.


  1. Wow cool a 3D model. looks really good.Is it worthy?

  2. Well as you can see - scale wise its pretty much 1/72nd and looks OK next to the others. There are some great details - the schutzen, brackets, gun barrel, wheel & tracks. But you can see the lines where the plastic has been laid down by the machine, so not perfect.

    For me, with my levels of painting/modelling skills, this is a fine model, but for those of you who build Revell kits and buy the those fancy resin/photo-etch add-on kits, you won`t be impressed.