Tuesday 13 January 2015

Republican Milicianas

First stuff for 2015 is actually the last the last stuff from last year!!!!

3rd platoon for my SCW Republican militia company, the plan was to make this platoon all girlies using those excellent Minairons Milicianas, with a few of the usual alterations and head-swaps. As it turned out the platoon has nine Minairons and one odd Irregular figure whom i found all alone at the bottom of a box?? Also included here are a commander and standard bearer, both of whom will eventually join the company command element, when finished.


  1. They paint up very nicely don't they? I particularly like the face on the machine gunner(ess). I have not got round to any of my 2 packs yet but I have managed to finish a hundred mixed Nationalist and Republican infantry from the range. I enjoyed painting the castings.

    But because this is the internet I feel I have to tell you that your odd figure is Bandera not irregular.

  2. Cheers John, I didn`t know Bandera did any milicianas so assumed she must be from Irregular (she was part of a massive job-lot I bought on Ebay about eight months back) . I have just the company command element to do now and the Republic will have its first full company - hugely out-numbered, but a start :)

  3. This looks like a good unit of volunteers to send to Britain for the VBCW campaigns.

  4. Excellent sculpts, feminine yet military, the faces are superb (my painting doesn`t do them justice).