Tuesday, 25 August 2015

French Indo-China

Now i Don`t game Indo-China, but when I saw this photo I knew I had to try and build one -

Based on a Matchbox M16 chassis
The gun is HAT Industrie and the crew S&S + Raventhorpe
Loads of various stowage too.

M52 LMG team by Elhiem
 Snipers (Elhiem)
Spotter/comms team and various infantry (all Liberation Miniatures)


  1. Very nice Rich, glad to see you using all that spare time you've got since stepping down as editor to good use. ;-)


  2. Yes, getting my focus back now Neil :)

    The Journal was a huge part of my hobby life, left a big void, but I`m really glad to see the latest issue and a great improvement, hopefully the guys have saved it for many more yrs to come.

  3. Thay look great, LMG team is my favorite...

  4. Elhiem figures - very nice, Matt is a top sculptor :)

  5. Good figures. I like the half track. Will you be adding the towed 75mm with pneumatic tyres?

  6. No, I don`t think so, this is just a one-off "must build" model :)

    I`m not really tempted by Indo-China, but I do like Algeria and the police actions in Sub-Saharan Africa - Groupe Saharienne Mobile, etc