Sunday 23 August 2015

Spanish Tercio Sahariano circa 1958

Tercio Sahariano

In 1957-58 Spain fought a short war to hold onto its Western Sahara possessions against locals supported by Morocco. 

This was a very small scale local conflict, one which I think is highly playable. 
Also the kit used was an interesting mix, making it visually appealing too.

Now I`ve already done a couple of Legion squads with S15T transports, here -
But wanted to expand the unit to a full company under our rules.

 M3 half-track
An ancient Hasawaga 1/72nd scale model, repaired, stowed up and re-painted
All the decals and markings are all hand done

Another very old model resurrected for this project
The Jeep is Skytrex, the driver Britannia (DAK) 

Command element
These are Raventhorpe Med. Germans, I added the STG44, the aerial and altered the heads
Mostly Liberation Miniatures Iraqis with various Raventhorpe heads
 The NCO with the blue scarf is Britannia (DAK)

 MG42 team - Raventhorpe Med. Germans


  1. Very unusual and nicely done. I'd never heard of this war...but I'll look it up, now.

  2. A typical end of empire/colonial struggle, only lasted about a year.

    Some very interesting kit - M24 tanks, M8 A/Cs, M3 & S15T APCs, Heinkel 111 bombers, Me109 fighters and Ju52 transports used in para drops :)