Thursday, 21 January 2016

January book sale

Richard`s January Book Sale

With my bookshelves groaning under the strain, plus a desperate need to unload ahead of our potential move to Spain I find I need to sell off a variety of titles, there are some huge bargains here compared with the publisher prices.
All book prices include UK postage (overseas buyers pay actual postage), I`ve been pretty generous over this too.
I`ll accept Paypal (friends and family) all books are good or excellent condition.

Tanks in Hell - Marine Corps Tank Company on Tarawa by Oscar E. Gilbert and Romain Cansiere (164 pages hardback) £8.00 SOLD

The Fires of Babylon - Eagle Troop and the Battle of 73 Easting (Gulf War 1990) by Mike Guardia £8.00

SS-Hitlerjurgend by Rupert Butler (192 pages, paperback) £8.00

SS-Leibstandarte by Rupert Butler (192 pages paperback) £8.00

Thunderbird in bomber Command (the story of Lionel Anderson) 169 pages, hardback £6.00

Armoured Champion - Top tanks of WW2 by Steven Zaloga (325 pages hardback) £8.00

Stalin`s Favorite - Combat history of 2nd guards Tank Army by Igor Nebolsin (447 pages, hardback) £12.00

Rikugun - Guide to Japanese ground forces 1937-45 by Leland Ness (340 pages, paperback) £10.00

SS: Hell on the Western Front by Chris Bishop (192 pages paperback) £8.00

U-Boat War by Lothar Gunther Bucheim (Large hardback) £10

Steel Fist – tank warfare 1939-45 by Nigel Cawthorne (240 pages, paperback) £1.50

US Army Insignia 1941-45 by Pierre Besnard (80 pages, paperback) £4.00

J’ai Survecu dans mon Panzer (12 Squadron, 24 panzer regiment, 24 PD) [French text] by Armin Bottger (168 pages, large hardback) £8.00

PK Cameraman (no1) – Panzerjager Abteilung 19(L) (94 pages, large hardback) £10.00

Battles That Changed Warfare 1457 – 1991 (various authors) 224 pages hardback (£6.00)

Generalissimo Stalin by Boris Gorbachevsky (349 pages paperback) £8.00

US Marine Vs Japanese Infantryman (Osprey Combat 8) £4.00 SOLD

World War II US Navy Special Forces Units (Osprey Elite 203) £3.00

The Devils General – life of Hyazinth von Strachwitz by Raymond Bagdonas (357 pages, hardback) £8.00

Moment of Battle – Twenty clashes that changed the World by James Lacey (478 pages, hardback) £6.00

Second Front – Allied Invasion of France 1942-43 (alternate history) by Alexander M. Grace (274 pages, hardback) £6.00

Assault from the Sky – US Marine helicopter operations in Vietnam by Dick Camp (264 pages, hardback) £6.00

A Magnificent Disaster (Arnhem 1944) by David Bennett (286 pages, paperback) £8.00

D-Day with the Screaming Eagles by George Koskimaki (366 pages paperback) £8.00

Hitler’s Pre-Emptive War (Norway 1940) by Henrik O. Lunde (590 pages paperback) £6.00 (used condition)

The Battered Bastards of Bastogne by George Koskimaki (£519 pages, paperback) £8.00

At Leningrad`s Gates by William Lubbeck (258 pages, paperback) £6.00

Hells Highway by George Koskimaki (493 pages paperback) £8.00

Fighting Fox Company (the battling flank of the band of brothers) by Terry Poyser & Bill Brown (308 pages hardback) £8.00

Battle of the Bulge (Vol3 – 3rd Fallschirmjager) by Hans Wijers (193 pages paperback) £6.00

Ghosts of the ETO (US Tactical Deception Units in Europe 1944-45) by Jonathan Gawne (342 pages paperback) £8.00

The Battle of the Bulge – Hitler’s Final Gamble by Patrick Delaforce (360 pages hardback) £10.00

Or go Down in Flames (a navigators death over Schweinfurt) by W. Raymind Wood (230 pages hardback) £7.00

Fabled Fifteen (the saga of Pacific Carrier Group 15) by Thomas McKelvey Cleaver (240 pages hardback) £7.00

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