Tuesday 19 January 2016

More German recce

2nd platoon, 1st Fusilier Kompanie

2nd platoon have had to suffer with whatever vehicles were left lying about 

Laffly W15 converted by German field workshops
I built this ages ago - The lower chassis is from an Early War Miniatures W15, the upper hull (much modified) from an ancient Esci 251 
Finally finished her off, stowed up and crewed (a couple of Esci plastics and an FAA grenadier with Stg44)

Resurrected Esci 250 (this kit must be at least 30yrs old)
The gunner is Esci, the rifleman is SHQ

L-R SHQ, Battlefield, SHQ

L-R Unknown, Blitz LMG team, SHQ

L-R Battlefield, SHQ, Battlefield

1st squad

2nd squad

The full unit


  1. This looks terrific. It could represent the outfitting of just about any recce unit with a few exceptions as the production lines failed to keep up with demand. Nice work.

  2. Very good - an interesting conversion.

  3. Thanks guys, much appreciated :)