Wednesday 6 January 2016

Late war German recce

I continue where I left off last year.

1st platoon, 1st Fusilier Kompanie (gepanzert)

Minimi 250/1
Rifleman is SHQ, MG gunner Esci hard plastic, loads of mixed stowage 

3 x Underfire Miniatures early SS
Altered to look late war by lengthening the trousers and  covering the marching boots
 SHQ moving LMG team
 A Battlefield NCO with panzerfaust and a FAA grenadier with STG44

The whole unit, the second track is S&S seen in an earlier post
The rest of the infantry are Elheim 


  1. A very nice looking group of vehicles and figures.

  2. This is just 1st platoon, 1st kompanie; 2nd platoon is on the painting tray - a bit more exotic :)