Sunday, 22 May 2016

More Yanks

Those of you who were paying attention will have noticed I miss-counted when getting the figures together for this unit -  4 jeeps X 4 figs (16) plus 8 fig in the track should have equaled 24, but I somehow only painted 16 - D`oh!
So I selected another 8, and whilst sorting through the drawer found a 57mm AT crew so did them too along with a gun.
Gun plus crew 
Gun is Skytrex I think? The crew - 2 SHQ with an Esci plastic


3 US Marines of unknown make 
(slightly altered to make them look more like NWE infantry)
 2 Lancashire gmes
 L-R: Battlefield Ranger; Raventhorpe; Revell plastic


  1. Hi Rich,

    You've done a very nice job in putting this unit together - love the paint jobs! And isn't it a pleasure to find something in the pile like the 57 mm AT gun? Will you be painting up a specific tow or will you be using something already painted? And one last question - what's your favorite manufacturer in this scale?
    Terrific work - thanks for sharing.


  2. Cheers Jerry :)

    I happen to have a Dodge 3/4 tonne (Sgt`s Mess) sitting in the drawer among my painted stuff, which will suit to tow this gun.

    As for favourite manufacturer - I`m a bit of a mix`n match guy. Britannia do some nice figures, these mix well with Andy Grubb`s own stuff (he sells both through his website). I love Blitz and their new range of Yanks (also mix well with Britannia etc). As you will note I also pinch odd figures from any ranges that catch my eye and mix those in - Raventhorpe being another favourite. I like to tinker and head-swop also.

    have a browse through the blog - you`ll see dozens of manufacturers, hopefully my painting doesn`t put you off.


  3. Rich I am starting to worry about you! This stuff is positively mainstream. Very nice though, personally I like the way you mix various manufacturers.

    Keep up the good work.


  4. Cheers Neil :)

    Yes i`m having a off period at present, can`t play so i`m just plodding along sorting through various drawers and boxes tidying things up or repainting.