Monday, 6 June 2016

Military photos

Military photos

Like everyone with an interest in the military, modelling or wargaming I am constantly looking for military things when we go on holidays, etc. I take numerous photos (as you do). When sorting stuff our I found loads of old photos in an album, so I`ve scanned them and will post them here.

German WW2 bunkers
These are situated on the cliffs above Collioure in French Catalonia

Sdkfz 234/3
 M8 armoured car

 Stug III
Bovington pictured with my mate Chris Claydon RIP

Bren carrier
Troupes de marine Museum, Frejus, France

Canadian Chevy with 20mm pom pom
War & Peace Show, Kent

Schneider 105mm mountain gun
Cartagena Artillery Museum, Spain

Gardener Gun
Tower of London 
(this weapon captured off the Turks at Gallipoli)  

War Memorial Gibraltar 

Centurion, Sherman with AMX turret, Sherman dozer
Captured from the Israelis
Egyptian Army Museum, Cairo 

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