Sunday, 15 May 2016

American Recce

Late war American Recce

A nice change from Italians, DAK and late-war Germans :)

The general plan was to build two sabre squadrons and a command track to direct what info the recce discovers back to higher command.

A huge variety of figures and models with loads of stowage, all painted or repainted to my new standard.

M8 A/Cs 
L = Italeri plastic kit (Esci plastic commander); R = ancient (about 30yrs old) Skytrex

Command M3 track & crew - another 30yr old Skytrex model

1st squadron

1st squadron jeeps
 L= EWM early Jeep (head-swopped crew); R = Fujimi plastic Jeep (mixed crew - SHQ, Skytrex & Fujimi) loads of mixed stowage

2nd Squadron

2nd squadron Jeeps
, L = Britannia (modified airborne crew); R = Fujimi plastic Jeep (modified Britannia airborne crew)

16 dismounted crew:

L-R: Lancashire Games, 2 x Battlefield Rangers

Britannia, old Skytrex

Skytrex Bazooka team

Skytrex sniper, Platoon20, Battlefield Ranger

4 x Raventhorpe

Platoon20, lancashire Games