Monday, 6 June 2016

Military photos 2

Military photos 2

And there`s more -

A piece of ordnance dating back to the Mahdi Revolt
This gun sits alongside the Nile in Egypt by the dock for the Edfu temple   

Sherman with Free French Markings

 All the following taken at Bovington

Saving Private Ryan Tuger mock-up


Jagd Tiger

Panzer IV




Stug III

The following taken at the Royal Engineers Museum, Chatham, Kent

Ferret scout cars
And a very young mustachioed me

Centurion ARC

Centurion bridge-layer


Super √Čtendard 
Frejus, France on the sea-front

War memorial to colonial troops who gave their lives for France in the two world wars
Frejus, sea front

Troupes de Marine museum, Frejus

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