Saturday, 5 November 2016

Arab trading post

Arab  trading Post

More bits for my Arab town
Though the building would be suitable for Mexico and even Southern Spain at a pinch.

Britannia Afghan herder with wife and goats
I modified his "pork pie" hat to look more like a Rexa turban
 Retrokit French Colonial Spahis painted up a Arab nomads
 Combat Miniatures farm cart 
with a Combat Miniatures Arab driver (formally a camel rider I think?) 
 Britannia Afghan trading post
has removable roof sections, the doors and trade goods are moulded onto the base

 I added the hatch


  1. Nice work. I've got the market post too- it isa nice kit.



  2. I`d never seen this one before, bought it off a guy on another forum - nice solid wargames model :)