Monday 19 June 2017

Panzergrenadier infantry

June has been a very good, productive month - 8 halftracks plus crews and now 26 grenadiers to go with the tracks 

Company HQ

L-R FAA, SHQ, Britannia, 2 x SHQ, FAA

With track

1st platoon

L-R 3 x Battlefield, 2 x FAA

L-R 2 x Battlefield, 2 x SHQ, Battlefield

With transport

2nd platoon

L-R SHQ, Battlefield, 2 x SHQ, FAA

L-R Battlefield, FAA, Esci, SHQ, AB

With transport

The whole unit together


  1. Nice work- you'll have an impressively sized game with all that lot.



  2. Cheers Pete

    Well we play with companies or multiples there of, we have had a reinforced battalion a side in some games......... To be honest as I said to Andrew Rolf over on the forum, that is about has high as i`m comfortable playing. Makes a nice visual game too ;)

  3. Very nicely done, vehicles and infantry!

  4. Cheers Phil, very productive June :)