Wednesday 25 October 2017



Various odds`n sods to complete my Italian force

Raventhorpe Fiat626

 Raventhorpe Fiat Dovunque

 Kelly`s Heroes Brixia mortar team
 Sgt`s Mess 80mm mortar team
 Sgt`s Mess moving LMG team
 Sgt`s Mess firing LMG team

 Kelly`s Heroes 20mm Breda AA gun & crew
 Kelly`s Heroes Italian para command
 (painted up and slightly altered to look like infantry)
 All together


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  2. Joshua, I`ll have to think about this. Most of my own work goes to support the Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers (SOTCW) and their magazine "The Journal", I also review stuff from various publishers for Miniature Wargames magazine, so I have to be careful not to cross-post and upset people. I`ll get back to you.

  3. Nice collection Richard,



  4. Cheers pete
    These fill the obvious holes I found during the inventory, I now basically have a full battalion (be it a very odd one)

  5. Very kind, so far they`ve fought two battles and have won one, lost one :)