Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Mexican Additions

Mexican Additions

I like to plan my builds together in batches of similar or themed bits. A couple of these have sat patiently awaiting their turn for ages, this is about 2 weeks worth all told. 

EWM figures, some minor mods, the mule is from the Matchbox Aussie set

Field hands
Sgt`s Mess road crew with head swaps

Odds n`sods additions to my factions
L-R: EWM Soldadera, Sgt`s Mess civilian child passenger, old Airfix Confederate

L-R: 2 x ERM Soldaderas, another old Airfix Confederate

Two as yet unreleased ERM figures (the Mexican has an arm swap)

All together

A mix or Sgt`s Mess and Elheim (I`ve forgotten who made what?)
Priest plus two Franciscan Friars 

Priest, Nun & Novice

French Nun

All together

Federal cavalry - maybe more Colorados?
8 old Airfix US Cavalry, 7 with head-swaps, most sabre arms replaced by rifle or pistol arms, some added kit too.

Crappy attempts to show the rearing horse/rider combo close-up

All together

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