Sunday 9 December 2018

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera

I`ve mentioned before the Spanish Christmas thing called "Belen" where they build the most amazing nativity scenes  :D  

So at this time you tend to find bags of flock, buildings and all sorts of terrain items on the shelves of those "Chinese" shops, some of which can be very useful and usually pretty cheap.

Anyway on Saturday as it was our last night before flying home this morning we went to the local town for tapas and there was a Christmas street market - not something we`d seen here (in our local town) before, anyway among the usual stalls was one selling Belen building and animals, nativity people, etc  :D  Mostly far too big for me (wonderful work though, most impressive). But I did find these aloe vera, which I quickly snapped up for my Tunisian/Syrian/Mexican battlefields.

I took a couple of quick shots with Shellhole Scenics Yaqui

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