Sunday, 22 September 2019

More 20mm trucks

A couple more 20mm trucks

Classic Airfix Opel Blitz
 Straight out of the box

Between the wars GS truck
This started out as a Hasawaga Toyota aircraft starter truck  
A bit of fiddling allowed me to fit a Shellhole Scenics truck bed onto the chassis creating a passable between the wars GS truck


  1. Much more versatile now, well done. Had a look at the shellhole scenics website but was unable to find the truckbed - could this be OOP?

  2. A few months ago I built some odd French SP guns based on Shellhole Scenics 1.5ton Chevies, there was no need for the truck beds as I had to construct new ones - so I had these left over in the spares bin :) Sorry if i caused confusion with my description :(

    The original builds are here -

    1. Sorry, I wasn't aware of your conversion leaving a couple of truckbeds. You certainly put them to good use.

    2. NO need for apologies mate, I`m pretty hap-hazard with my posts - no reason why you should have known :)