Monday 6 January 2020

Boot-fair/flea market finds

Boot-fair/flea market finds

I`m sure we are all the same, always on the lookout for military/wargames related stuff when we browse boot-fairs, charity shops or flea markets.

Over the Christmas break we visited several markets and poped into the local charity shops (just killing time really). But I actually found and bought a few bits this year:

A small 5 x 8 print of a soldado in colonial uniform circa 1897 (Spanish-American War)
This uniform was still being used in Morocco up until around 1910

This is a print on board 31.5 x 28cm
It is the centre panel from the Catalan painter Maria Fortuny`s (1838 - 18740
"Battle of Tetouan"
Which took place in 1860
A stunning bargain at 1Euro

Plastic footbridge
 Probably a fish tank or Belen item
50 cents
 Shown with two 20mm figs for scale

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