Saturday, 4 April 2020

24th Colonial Infantry Regiment, Syria `41

24th Colonial Infantry Regiment, Syria `41

Well a bit of it anyway :)

2 x 12 figure, Groupe de combate plus a small 4-man HQ, so a weak infantry company under our rules.
All these are those Elhiem Figures Senegalese, some with head-swaps using various Adrian heads out of the bits box, the telephone op is from Raventhorpe 

1st platoon

2nd platoon



  1. Great group Matt.The figures are very well painted.Were these guys coming from europe or Middle east?

    1. The 24th Colonial was part of the French overseas Army "Troupes de Marine" and was stationed in the Levante (Syria/Lebanon) at the time. These white (though of course they could be locals or from anywhere in the Empire really) units tended to garrison Frances colonial outposts and colonies.

  2. Nice work, Richard.