Monday, 13 April 2020

Oil/Petrol depot

Oil/Petrol depot 

Originally posted 27th April 2012

This hds been a long term building plan of mine which never got off the ground until a "group build" over on much missed The Guild forum.
40 x 23cm base

The fuel truck (di-cast), figures (Battlefield) and German fuel trailer (Milicast) are just for effect and not part of the build.
Walls and front gates from S&S.
The cobble effect floor is Vac-u-cast (I think)
The garage building is Byzantium
The various mechanicals - trollies, crane and generator are Sgt`s Mess
The pump unit is scartch built, the generator shed an old Thomas Tank engine carriage (Tomy), the oil tank is from another Thomas wagon (ERTL this time).
The large fuel tank was a Q-tip box, the supports were struts off an umberella, the ladder off a toy fire engine big_smile
The small tank is from Mega Blocks, all pipe=work is 5amp cable


  1. That is great, makes for an impressive centrepiuece.



  2. On day this will feature in a game - hopefully :)