Monday, 13 April 2020

Arab buildings

Arab buildings

Various compounds and buildings build prior to April 2012

Building 1
2 Byzantium buildings with S&S walls 

Building 2
Minimi building (Large shop I think), S&S walls and gates, I built the lean-to stable out of various bits of stick and some veneer I found in the street

Building 3
Byzantium building (domed roof reversed so to appear flat) with external steps (also Byzantium) and S&S walls

Pack of hasty barricades (S&S)
Adobe cottage (The Square) very nice

Lancer Miniatures - Eastern train station (probably the most expensive single piece of terrain I`ve ever bought) yikes
Painted up fairly neutral, I`ve replaced the roof on the ticket office with a spare flat one (generously given to me by Rob Rowell of Byzantium)

Byzantium small adobe with garden base (modified)

Byzantium country Mosque


  1. Very nice- useful for many periods.



    1. I was going through a construction phase, most of these have now featured in our games in Spain