Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Panther G

In honour Of John Dowman RIP 

Over on the Wargamers` Forum they have "builds" now John Dowman was the founding member o that forum and in his honour they are doing a special build - it has to be a German tank 
John and I had many, many jokey conversations about his love for "big Cats" and my aversion for the same.

For this build in honour of our friend I present the first Panther I have ever owned in the 50 or so yrs since I started building models  

Here`s to you John, having a beer and laughing your arse off at my feeble efforts   

We miss you mate 

Armourfast Panther G with a PSC commander and mixed stowage


  1. 1st Panther in 50 years? What have you been doing with your life my friend? :) By the way its quite nice!

  2. Thanks
    I find at the level we play these big cats upset the balance of the games - big guns, good armour - but hey each to his own :)

    Ill have to write a scenario for it now :)

  3. Thank you, been a bit busy of late I hope to get back to modeling and wargaming soon :)

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