Friday 30 October 2020

Finished tow

Cheap German tow

 The Germans made use of whatever transport was available.

There were large quantities of Dodge, Fargo, Ford and Chevy trucks all over Europe, many built in licensed factories

This is a bit of a fudge as the model is actually a 1947 one, but I think It will look OK at 4ft across a tabletop :)

New wheels, raised wooden sides, bench seating, a rifle rack behind the cab :) and loads of stowage.

The crew are a mix of S&S, SHQ and MMS 

My plan is to use it as a tow for my Volksgrenadier Regiment, so here it is with a 75mm IG


  1. Brilliant. The crew and stowage makes it very believable.

    1. Very kind Joao :)

      I`m happy with the finished look

  2. It certainly looks right!

    All the best,


  3. Good inventive use of that toy motor. Glad to see the painting and conversion mojo at work. Like the photos. That crumbly concrete surface could be a bombed autobahn!! And sunshine too. All best
    CarlL (sotcw)