Sunday, 18 October 2020

Chevy tow WIP

 I don`t usually bother with WIP as I work pretty fast, but now I`m retired I have time to plod along.

Here is that di-cast Matchbox 1947 1/4 ton Chevy 

My plan is to alter it to look like a 1930s model which has been field modified by the Germans as a tow.

New wheels, raised wooded sides, seating, a rifle rack behind the cab and stowage. Pictured here with the selected crew all before undercoating and painting. 


  1. Looks good- you glue the crew in before painting then?



    1. Hi Pete, no the figures are loose, I paint them separately and glue in once everything is finished.

  2. Richard, I look forward to seeing your finished improvised tow.
    Hope Spain's covid troubles are not placing too much stress on you all, and you are far enough south to enjoy sunshine and warmth this winter, while getting through this pandemic.
    All best CarlL (Sotcw)

    1. I just posted finished pics :)

      During the day it is still quite warm and you need sunscreen, but gets chilly as the sun goes down. Still from what i hear its pissing down across most of the UK and we rarely see any rain :)

      I`ve actually started writing again for the first time in ages and sent Russ a short article/scenario for the website just this week.

      Thanks for the kind comments, please keep in touch.