Thursday 21 January 2021

Restaurante Maria, Tangel

 Restaurante Maria, Tangel

Nr Mutxamel, Alicante

Tangel is a small village between our nearest town - San Vincente del Raspeig and Mutxamel. 

The place is quite nice, a single street of interesting Spanish style houses and a small church, there is also a garden centre (which is why we go there usually). There are also two small restaurants, we`ve tried both and like the food, so as it was Debbie`s birthday yesterday we (Chris and I) took her to the garden centre and then onto a lunchtime "menu" meal.

We ended up a Restaurante Maria - the food is highly recommended and very well priced, but for those of us with military interests the walls are covered with posters, flags, badges, hats, paintings, etc of Spanish military and police (local, municipal and Civil guard). The Foreign Legion is represented including two very good portraits of the founders - Franco and Milan Astray!

Now my spoken Spanish isn`t good enough (as yet) to ask a lot of questions, but the place is interesting and I will try and visit again.

I didn`t take photos as the place was busy, but did find these on the net:



  1. What a genuinely cheerful post. Really welcome in these times, thanks. If I lived there I think I would be encouraging my wife to use the garden centre a lot. That's bound to be an interesting place as your chatting improves. Just a thought, but I would hold back on waving your South Wales Communist membership card for a week or two, just to check out the lie of the land.

    1. Ha, ha, ha, ha :)

      Believe it or not I can actually be subtle if I put my mind to it :) Of course a non-Spaniard being able to identify Milan Astray did raise a few eyebrows among the staff - they seemed both shocked and impressed :) I was then able to explain in my crap Spanish I had studied and written about Spanish military history for quite a long time now :) I still have lots of questions as to why the displays, that will have to wait for another day.