Wednesday 10 November 2021

Moroccan Goumier in 20mm

Moroccan Goumier in 20mm

Bill Krieg has been trying (with little success) to find Blitz Goumiers for sale  

I pointed out Shellhole Scenics do some, but they have no images on their website, so I`ve taken a few photos of what i have and also some other usable figures, obviously someone with better skills could do a better job:


I`m pretty sure the Hotchkiss loader has had a headswap 

Shellhole Scenics

Bren teams

Various rifle armed tribesmen, the guy with the ammo crate was pulling a mule   


The rather splendid mounted officer

Mortar man 

the second guy is Irregular Miniatures, the mortar a cheap Matchbox plastic one

Size comparison shots between Blitz and Shellhole

Thinking outside the box to add variety, in 20mm scale a greatcoat can easily be painted as a djellaba and a turban (Rexa) is just that

Early War Miniatures Spahis with Raventhorpe heads

Early War Miniatures British Indian Cavalry 

Painted up as Moroccan Tirailleurs in this case


  1. Those look great. Are Blitz/ Battlefield not trading anymore?



    1. I believe Stuart has been unwell which has affected production.