Tuesday, 18 January 2022

F4 Wildcat

 First model of 2022

Slow start to the new year, things to do, etc

We`ve had a nice couple days with blue skies and quite warm in the sun so I finally decided to get off my backside and build one of a small pile of aircraft I`d collected before Christmas.

First up some naval air support for the Torch landings an F4 Wildcat

Plastic kit by Hobby Boss which was easy to assemble, though if I do have a criticism you can only built the model with the undercarriage down unless your willing do some messing about (which I did)

  I picked it up at:

Mecamodels, Calle Arquitecto Morell, 14, 03003 Alicante 


A proper model shop run by people who know their stock and were helpful and pleasant.

My out door painting station, very nice too 

I`ve painted her up based on an illustration in the Armes Militaria special No20 on Operation Torch. Unfortunately the decals weren`t correct for Torch, but hey ho


  1. Nice looking plane (and weather). Im about to do the same for a pile of 1963 Airfix kits I found in a 2nd hand market two months ago.

    1. Thanks mate, the weather this winter has been very nice (colder at night obviously)

      Those kits will be older than me :)

      I have a Morane-Saulnier M.S.406, a P38 Lightning (2 actually) and a P47 Thunderbolt to do :)

  2. Looks good there.



    1. I think we are happy, we seem to get along OK. In fact the last time we were apart for more than a day was June 2020 - which is quite amazing really :)

      Thank God for hobbies :)