Saturday 23 December 2023

Tinned Fruit Buildings (photo review) windmil added 23/12/23

 Colonial Buildings

As you all know I`m not very good at doing terrain, I just don`t have the skillset or patience 😭 I do try my best, but struggle to do anything but a basic paint job on a resin or cast building. Anyway I found I have several scenarios set in cities and towns for my Mexican Revolution era games, these needed more colonial looking buildings with pantiled rooves for these more urban (less rural) settings. Of course these could also then be used for Spain (SCW) and Italy/Sicily or even Southern France (WW2) and even more civilized parts of North Africa (Rif War or WW2 Tunisia/Operation Torch) during my varied periods of wargaming interest.

I asked on various web forums and on FB groups as to where I could locate such buildings, but frankly the options were limited. Some guys however did point me towards Tinned Fruit Buildings off Facebook the business run by that stalwart guy Philip Taylor.

Getting hold of Phil via Fb messenger was dead easy, he showed me photos of what he produces and the prices and ordering was dead easy with a 50% deposit upon ordering. Phil was terrific and kept me updated throughout the process, sending me photos of the WIP and asking advice and questions - the service was superb.

When the building were complete, Phil asked for the balance plus postage and done and dusted, the parcel arrived at me son`s place in Swansea a few days later, carefully packed and 100% correct and perfect.

To say the least I`m totally happy with the buildings and the service and I highly recommend Tinned Fruit Buildings to anyone who wants great buildings and terrain but lacks the skills (like me).

The buildings themselves are made from foamcore or board, the pantile rooves are plastic, everything is butressed and well constructed and as you can see from the photos they are nicely painted and have a good level of detail. Buildings with more then one story have internal floors which can be removed if needed.

Small casitas

Larger single storried casita

Larger two storied houses

Two story building with balcony and covered walkway

Two storied building with barn

A few shots of these new buildings substituted onto the table of my last game so you can see how they would look in situ.

Along with the buildings above I also ordered this windmill, which I finally retrieved from my son`s house in Swansea a week or so ago.
As with the buildings the model is just superb, it was packed carefully and so survived the trip in the hold back to Spain with no damage and can go straight onto the table.
A couple of pics with figures for scale 




  1. Very nice. You clearly have waaaayy more terrain than me. I have zero finishing skills - I can often start things and get ‘em to a basic “bare bones” level. As mathematicians might say:
    My ability to actually do stuff < my actual ability to carry out said task
    Geoff 😉😎

    1. You have to understand I`m very old and have been building my collection for over 35yrs - My Dad threw my original collection out when i was 14 and i didn`t start re-building until my 20s.

  2. Replies
    1. I`m very happy with his work, just what i wanted :) I have a windmill too but its awaiting me back in Wales to collect next time I`m home.

  3. Richard, its good to find a supply of buildings you are happy with and that come well finished, in a timely way. Thanks for sharing source.

    1. I`ve always tried to support the hobby by writing reviews of stuff i buy - credit where credit is due :)

  4. Those are very nice in deed.

    1. I was most impressed buy the build quality and service :)

  5. Richard, I have some 10mm buildings, same genre, to use grouped together as "blocks", done by Phillip. Definitely recommend him.

    1. The build quality and service was just excellent :)