Friday 12 April 2024

Militia Armoured Truck No3

Militia Armoured Truck No3

This one represents a more technical vehicle built on a more professional level, a true Tiznao!

Started out as another Oxford Diecast truck bought at a flea market for a couple of Euro

You will note the frontal armour is fabricated from a single piece of steel, to support the weight they have welded support poles to the steel armour on the cab roof; this piece has also been folded down to protect the windscreen. The rear tire armour is also constructed from single pieces of steel. This my attempt show a better and more advanced/thoughtout construction technique by the militiamen.

They have build an armoured "cabin" on the truck bed using boiler plate, roofed with part of old oil tank, As well as cutting firing apertures into the cabin sides they have also mounted a Maxim behind the cab - though this has limited traverse only covering 15 degrees either side of the cab front!  


Armour made from beer can metal, the cabin built from plasticard, blisterpack plastic and bits of an Airfix fuel tanker.u


Another action shot



  1. The best we can say about this lorry is that it looks rather practical. A mechanic might argue it’s not a mechanised “beauty”, but if the extras can stop bullets then it has achieved its purpose.

  2. I`m quite pleased how they all eventually looked, quite a lot of planning went into the construction. Now i need to write a scenario or two for them :)

  3. you captured their improvisation perfectly!

    1. Cheers, I spend a lot of time planning these. I`m happy how they come out, just need to write a scenario or two now.

  4. Fantastic work.