Sunday 7 July 2024

South Wales Airshow 2024

 South Wales Airshow 2024

Well as some of you may be aware we had to return from Spain to run the guesthouse in Swansea again. We`re not quite sure how long we`ll have to do this, but no use moaning sometimes you just have to get on with things.

This weekend there has been the annual South Wales Airshow right across the road from our place over the fabulous Swansea Bay, with stalls and exhibits all along the seafront. 

As you can imagine for a guesthouse it has been a very busy weekend, but we did manage to get out and have look around and take a few snaps of the various flying displays.

First off literally right across the street from our guesthouse they set-up this Hurricane

Our place is the bright freshly painted (by me) red and white one - Beachcomber

Then they had a small collection of vintage militay transport 

This MWD was pretty cool

Further up the beach were stalls for the TA and various cadet units



Euro fighter Typhoon ground display

Flying high

Starlings Areobatic Display Team

Westland Wasp

Fairy Swordfish

Air-sea Rescue Seaking

A great shot with Mumbles lighthouse 


De Havilland Vanpire

Gazelle Squadron

Team Raven

Red Arrows

Shot from our front door on Sunday


  1. When you said just across the road, you were not joking! It looks like it was a great show, shame you have to be back in the UK though.

    1. Cheers Shaun. We are trying to be positive and have plans in the works to convert the guesthouse into long term rental rooms for students or workers (my eldest lived in such a house for a couple of years). But first we have to convince planning - they turned down our initial application for various bogus and silly reasons - my wife is on the case :) For now we`re back and running the place at full tilt and earning more than we would have off the rent our tenants were paying us (silly people walking away at the height of the season).

  2. You don 't see many guesthouses guarded by a Hurricane these days! :) Have fun, Pat

    1. Ha, ha, ha cheers Pat BTW I`ve ordered the Strelets Goumier for that comparison article you came up with, Raventhorpe also do a set (8 figure Rapid Fire! company) I`ll get those too.

  3. Thanks for taking the trouble of investing not only your time but also cash, much appreciated. Regards, Pat

    1. No promisses how long it will take to write, but I spoke to Tony at Raventhorpe earlier and will draw up an order to him including the Goumier in week or (depends on how busy I get). :)